Dragrace Week in Finland 30.6.-8.7.2012

We finally got back home from the 9 days dragracing trip.The whole team has worked hard and everybody gave their best as the results shows.


First and second place in the races and second place in both Nordic Cup and UEM points standings.


We also got new supporters, sponsors and even friends during these events.


First of all we want to send huge thanks with hugs and kisses specially to Åsa Bergqvist who made the new web sites running almost on her own. All the time and effort she's given to this project means a great deal to the team!


We want also thank Alastaro Circuit (alastarocircuit.fi) and Tero Tupala for all the help he's always given to us.


We had a great time living in the track and 9 days with two teams in small tent has shown us that the people in our teams are not only team mates but a true friends.


Baddock's ladies kept their restaurants doors open for the whole week and even organized our teams favourite ciders to the drinklist. That's what we call customer service!


Heikki "Heineken" Malinen (Promosport Oy) and Timo Muilu (www.urheilukuvat.net) got again plenty of great footage from the races. You'll find them from the Gallery.


And finally the whole team wants to send a huge thanks to Sofia, Mia and Minna! The food was FANTASTIC!








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