Super Twin Bike Nordic Challenge

So we have great news about Super Twin Bike Nordic Challenge. We won it!


The last race was in Gardermoen, Norway and it ended before the final race against Per Bengtson. We were really looking forward to race together with Per but once again final round rained out. This was the third time it happened to us out of our four finals...


In Gardermoen we ran also our personal speed record 352,94 km/h, so we are close finding out the perfect run! Hopefully you'll see it on Hockenheim this weekend!


Here is a link for the Nordic Challenge final standings and  points:

Now we are off to Hockenheim, Germany and let's all have our fingers crossed that this race will get us even closer to be the next European Champions!


In this serie many of the teams has still good chance to take and win it!



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