The racing season 2012 is now almost at the end. We still have one more test race in Tierp 28.9.-29.9. with Hammer 1 -bike and couple of bike presentations in different exhibitions with Hammer 2.


We are also, of course, having once again our traditional Season End -party with all of our sponsors and supporters. Everyone is welcome to join us!  The date and the place confirmation comes later, so stay tuned!


The Season 2012 has been a great success for us! We achieved two out of our three ambitious goals we set in the beginning of the season.


SKULLRACING proudly presents the results after season 2012:


We are the Nordic Champion.

We came 3rd in European Championship -series.

We approved our personal best time to 6,61 sec and personal best speed to 352,94 kmh.

We won the Mosten Race Day.


But, as you all know, we didn't do this all by ourselves. A huge thanks goes also to our supporters, sponsors, other teams, friends and everyone who has helped us to make this season happened!!




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The first elimination round for Super Twins is going to be tomorrow earliest at 12:45 (FIA/UEM round starts at 12:15)


The pairs are (not in the running order)

1. Heezen 6,612 vs 8. Sixta 7,58
2. Samu 6,617 vs 7. Hannam 7,18
3. Nate 6,66 vs 6. Trond 6,99
4. Olstad 6,80 vs 5. Jäger 6,84

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The FIA European Finals in Dragracing are running in Santa Pod during this weekend. Follow the drivers and results on this link:




The Super Twin results after third round:
1. Heezen 6,6121
2. Samu 6,6382 / 206,14
3. Nate 6,743
4. Olstad 6,8073
5. Jäger 6,8453
6. Trond 6,9916
7. Hannam 7,1848
8. Sixta 7,6571
9. Haas 7,9685

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Todays final racing was cancelled due to heavy rain. Nate Gagnon 1st position here in Tierp followed by Svein Olav Rolfstad 2nd place and Samu Kemppainen 3rd position. Skullracing and Samu Kemppainen is at 2nd place totally in UEM. Thank you for a great racing weekend in Tierp for this time. See you next time in Santa Pod, England.

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Eliminations round 2:

Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.4551/330.48 bye, Jaska Salakari no show
Nate Gagnon 6.6073/356.91 def. Samu Kemppainen 6.6427/344.61

So the Final will be between Svein Olav Rolfstad and Nate Gagnon.

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1st-race-results 1st-race-results

This are the results after the first race during Sunday.

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Sunday started with grey sky and rain but now they've manage to dry the tracks and the race is on. Time for 1st race today and the SuperTwin bikes will race in about 30 min.  More info to come.

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Today was a great day - in many ways - the sun was shining after a rainy morning, lot's of people visiting TIerp arena, the spirits high and the track was excellent. These conditions helped us to get a new personal record - Samu hit the finish line at 6.643 sec! Nate drove 6.585 which keeps him on the 1st position in the UEM so far. The evening ended with a trophy from the Nordic Cup and now the team is relaxing and recharging for new races tomorrow. Keep watching for updates!


Watch the personal record here: (a link to Facebook) 


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So we have great news about Super Twin Bike Nordic Challenge. We won it!


The last race was in Gardermoen, Norway and it ended before the final race against Per Bengtson. We were really looking forward to race together with Per but once again final round rained out. This was the third time it happened to us out of our four finals...


In Gardermoen we ran also our personal speed record 352,94 km/h, so we are close finding out the perfect run! Hopefully you'll see it on Hockenheim this weekend!


Here is a link for the Nordic Challenge final standings and  points:



Now we are off to Hockenheim, Germany and let's all have our fingers crossed that this race will get us even closer to be the next European Champions!


In this serie many of the teams has still good chance to take and win it!




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After Alastaro Nitro Nationals there has been three weekends without racing, so we've had plenty of time to get everything ready for the upcoming races!


There are still five races left in six weeks time so our team members will be quite busy for the rest of the summer!


We are trying to keep updating these and our Facebook pages as often as possible, but it can be challenging with the Internet connections on tracks.


Everybody is  welcome to write or publish information/pictures from our races straight in our Facebook-wall, it helps also us a great deal with sharing the latest information!


Here is an updated schedule for the next six weeks:


Gardermoen, Norway (Nordic cup) 3.8.-5.8.2012. This is the final Nordic cup -race.


Hockenheim, Germany (UEM) 10.8.-12.8.2012.


Tierp, Sweden (UEM) 24.8.-26.8.2012.


Mosten Race Day, Denmark 31.8.-2.9.2012


Santa Pod, England (UEM) 6.9.-9.9.2012. European Finals, final UEM race.


Stay tuned!!




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info / ina / samu (at) skullracing.fi emails are working now again!

skullracing.fi sähköpostit toimivat taas normaalisti!

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Skullracing.fi sivuston päivityksen vuoksi ina (at) skullracing.fi ja samu (at) skullracing.fi meilit hetkellisesti pois käytöstä!


Due the Skullracing.fi -sites updates our emails ina (at) skullracing.fi and samu (at) skullracing.fi are temporary out of order!


Please use ina baker (at) gmail.com or samu (at) planbee.org instead until further notice!


Jos olet lähettänyt viestejä etkä ole saanut vastausta niin syy löytyy yltä ;)

If you haven't got answers to your emails, you'll find the reason above ;)

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We finally got back home from the 9 days dragracing trip.The whole team has worked hard and everybody gave their best as the results shows.


First and second place in the races and second place in both Nordic Cup and UEM points standings.


We also got new supporters, sponsors and even friends during these events.


First of all we want to send huge thanks with hugs and kisses specially to Åsa Bergqvist who made the new web sites running almost on her own. All the time and effort she's given to this project means a great deal to the team!


We want also thank Alastaro Circuit (alastarocircuit.fi) and Tero Tupala for all the help he's always given to us.


We had a great time living in the track and 9 days with two teams in small tent has shown us that the people in our teams are not only team mates but a true friends.


Baddock's ladies kept their restaurants doors open for the whole week and even organized our teams favourite ciders to the drinklist. That's what we call customer service!


Heikki "Heineken" Malinen (Promosport Oy) and Timo Muilu (www.urheilukuvat.net) got again plenty of great footage from the races. You'll find them from the Gallery.


And finally the whole team wants to send a huge thanks to Sofia, Mia and Minna! The food was FANTASTIC!







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There is full activity in the tent and around us. The weather is baaad, grey, rainy and cold. Lucky we have coffee with "cream" in the tent. The machine is fixed and runs like a baby thank's to the team. The new website is soon up an running. There is a new season for Skullracing approaching. Support or die!

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We are doing some work and changes around our graphic approach and will launch among other things - a new site - where our fans and sponsors will be updated with pictures, news, our blog etc. 

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