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Todays final racing was cancelled due to heavy rain. Nate Gagnon 1st position here in Tierp followed by Svein Olav Rolfstad 2nd place and Samu Kemppainen 3rd position. Skullracing and Samu Kemppainen is at 2nd place totally in UEM. Thank you for a great racing weekend in Tierp for this time. See you next time in Santa Pod, England.

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Eliminations round 2:

Svein Olav Rolfstad 6.4551/330.48 bye, Jaska Salakari no show
Nate Gagnon 6.6073/356.91 def. Samu Kemppainen 6.6427/344.61

So the Final will be between Svein Olav Rolfstad and Nate Gagnon.

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1st-race-results 1st-race-results

This are the results after the first race during Sunday.

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Sunday started with grey sky and rain but now they've manage to dry the tracks and the race is on. Time for 1st race today and the SuperTwin bikes will race in about 30 min.  More info to come.

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Today was a great day - in many ways - the sun was shining after a rainy morning, lot's of people visiting TIerp arena, the spirits high and the track was excellent. These conditions helped us to get a new personal record - Samu hit the finish line at 6.643 sec! Nate drove 6.585 which keeps him on the 1st position in the UEM so far. The evening ended with a trophy from the Nordic Cup and now the team is relaxing and recharging for new races tomorrow. Keep watching for updates!


Watch the personal record here: (a link to Facebook) 


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So we have great news about Super Twin Bike Nordic Challenge. We won it!


The last race was in Gardermoen, Norway and it ended before the final race against Per Bengtson. We were really looking forward to race together with Per but once again final round rained out. This was the third time it happened to us out of our four finals...


In Gardermoen we ran also our personal speed record 352,94 km/h, so we are close finding out the perfect run! Hopefully you'll see it on Hockenheim this weekend!


Here is a link for the Nordic Challenge final standings and  points:



Now we are off to Hockenheim, Germany and let's all have our fingers crossed that this race will get us even closer to be the next European Champions!


In this serie many of the teams has still good chance to take and win it!




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