New Year New Tricks!

Skullracing starts 2011 season with high expectations. The final
placement of 8th in the 2010 European Championships was a mild
disappointment and we will do our best to improve from that.

The team has invested in a new bike from Canada, which was displayed at
the FHRA section at the Motorbike fair.


The bike was collected from Vancouver in October 2010. At the moment,
it's being fitted with brand new and unique fairing at Kele-Design in
Iisalmi, Finland.


Skullracing is 'expanding' for the first race in Hungary! We will have
the benefit of a second driver, Nate Gagnon from Canada, who will be
driving the team's old 160cid PRP bike in the Top Fuel-class while Samu
will have the new Nitro V60 196cid Super Twin class.

Nitro wizard Nate will update the old bike with a new fuel system
amongst other changes, so he should be able to get a lot more speed out
of the old bike.


We will also have the fine tuning expertise of one of the longest
serving nitrodriver in the world, still actively racing Ron Houniet from
Fast-Lane Racing, who built the Nitro V60 motor.


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